Torn Apart is a story released in Five Parts as a Web-Series on my website and on vendors for free.

Torn Apart | Part One
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Dreams Tore Them Apart.

When Madison Hunter's childhood sweetheart Tristan Stone left her to pursue his dreams, he tore apart her heart taking a piece with him.

Two years later, Maddie strives to complete her own dream of becoming a successful actress hoping this will fill the void of the emptiness inside her.

As she carries on with life she watches Tristan from the sidelines, as he climbs the charts swooning hearts all over the nation. All with the exception of hers as he still holds that missing piece.

When the two collide in an unfortunate event it changes everything. Will Maddie finally get the answer as to why he left her with only a note and will fate finally intervene and put them both on the right path?

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Torn Apart | Part Two
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Torn Apart | Part Three
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Torn Apart | Part Four
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Torn Apart | Part Five
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