Lead Heroine: Ava James

Age: 20.
DOB: October 21st, 2980.
Hair: Black, Long and Wavy down to her rear.
Eyes: Dark Blue.
Height: 5'7.
Size: 8.
Face: Oval Shaped.
Lips: Plump Lips.
Skin: Light Olive.
Job: Blue Starr, Bar and Restaurant.
Siblings: Aaliyah 17, 21st December 2983. Twin Brothers Addison and August 15, 21st August 2985.
Parents: Ariana 47, and Kai 49.
Specie: Three gene carrier of Witch, Elemental and main dominant gene of Werewolf.

Five Ava Facts

  1. Ava has a pet familiar German Shepherd called Axel.
  2. All Ava's family are named with A names.
  3. Ava and her siblings are all born on the 21st.
  4. Ava met Una when she was twelve at high school NYH, New York High.
  5. Ava calls her sister Aaliyah, Li. Her brother Addison, Addy. Brother August, Augy. She calls her familiar Axel, Ax.

Ava James Gallery

Lead Hero: Kyran Lewis

Age: 22.
DOB: 10th February 2978.
Hair: Blonde, Shoulder Length.
Eyes: Green.
Height: 6'0.
Size: Tall and Muscular.
Face: Oval Shaped.
Lips: Sexy, Plump and Kissable.
Skin: Tanned.
Job: Fitness House, Fitness Instructor.
Siblings: Avery and Twin Brother Riley.
Parents: Mollie and Gabriel.
Specie: Werewolf.

Five Kyran Facts

  1. Kyran watched Ava for months before he first approached her.
  2. Kyran is the Pack's Beta.
  3. Kyran trains Ava to fight.
  4. Kyran's childhood friend betrays him.
  5. Kyran has the cutest dimples.

Kyran Lewis Gallery

Ava James & Kyran Lewis Gallery